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    Welcome to Kids Night In!


    My name is Megan Pruitt and I'm the founder of Kids Night In. As you can see from the picture above I'm the Mom of two little ones (I apologize for the outdated picture but you know how that goes with two little ones) and as we added Hudson to our family we quickly learned that one-on-one time is a valuable commodity that stretches few and far between these days.


    Yes, we spend TONS of time every single day with our children but my husband and I wanted more value during that time (for us and for other children too). We wanted something that was exciting for our child, made the most out of our quality time that we possibly could and required little to no planning. Looking for a solution, we created Kids Night In!

    It’s hard for me to articulate the excitement in my daughters eyes when a package is delivered to her that either Mommy or Daddy gets to do with her. As we started to plan out dates and try them out with her, something really magical happened. We made lasting memories!


    We hope that you will give Kids Night In a try! You and your little one will love it!

    Don’t ever hesitate to reach out.


    All my best,


    Megan Pruitt